The Digital Drug

There are many ways in which modern devices can become addictive and almost like a drug. For example, there is such thing called internet addiction, this is defined as an impulse control disorder and is also known as pathological internet use (PIU). This is where some may find it difficult to differentiate between the virtual world and reality. PIU can produce a specified number of symptoms such as mood-altering use of the internet, failure to fulfill major role obligations, guitlt, and craving.

There is also a more literal way in which the term ‘Digital Drug’ can be taken. These are called binaural beats. A binaural beat is an auditory illusion when two different pure-tone sine waves are presented to a listener dichotically. Both frequencies will be lower than 1500 Hz, and have less than 40 Hz between them. This then activates various centers in the brain, increasing mental clarity.

Binaural beats are commonly listened to amongst people who wish to increase their relaxation or mindfulness. while altering brain wire patterns, the beats create a hypnotic response almost like a ‘high’ and are said to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

However, whilst most of the time binaural beats are safe, dangers may arise if you already have outstanding health risks. The main cautions go out to those with neurological or cardiac issues. There is also a big risk of seizures. If you are epileptic or prone to seizures, using binaural beats is strongly discouraged. Children are also discouraged to using the beats as their brains are still developing. Although they may not have had any history of seizures, epilepsy can still develop slightly later in life.

When using binaural beats, you enter a relaxed, hypnotic state of mind. So remember that when carrying out important tasks, like driving, while listening to them isn’t a good idea.

Despite the skepticism in the media towards the beats, they should be perfectly safe to use providing you are a healthy, epilepsy-free individual and shouldn’t experience any side effects. They are not bad for you.

Editing- Lesson 1

This lesson, we edited a short film which we filmed last lesson. We used Adobe premier pro to gather and edit the film with mine reaching 27 seconds, making sure it isn’t too long so that it doesn’t get boring.

Firstly, I gathered all the successful filming clips and placed them into the editing program in order, then cutting out the laughing etc. Next, to make the film more dramatic; I added background music and changed the image to black and white.

Filming-Lesson 1

During this lesson we created a short film about two boys playing a game of chess. We used establishing shots (wide angle shots), mid shots and close ups to build tension, with a total of six shots all together.

Marcus-mid shot-MS
Close up-CU
Extreme close up-ECU
Juan-mid shot-MS
Close up-CU
Extreme close up-ECU
Birds eye view-BEV
Marcus-Over the shoulder-OTS

At the end of the film we used an over the shoulder shot, this was a french new wave.

Photography Lesson 1

The focus of today’s lesson was photography. We each had half an hour to go around the collage campus and try our best at finding something interesting to take a picture of.

Here are just a few of the ones I took:

Here I was using depth of field to focus on only the subject, blurring out the background. To do this, I find it works best to set your aperture at around 4.5 on the setting A or AV on your camera mode dial.

Depth of field works both ways, whether it be blurring out the foreground or the background. Here I blurred the foreground

Photoshop-Replacing the Queen

In today’s lesson we where using photoshop to add a celebrity of our choice onto money, replacing the Queen. This helped us to improve our photoshop skills.

First of all we got a large image of money, placed it into our desktop and then dragged it into photoshop. Next, on a separate layer, we got an image of our celebrity of choice; mine being Danny Devito and also dragged it into photoshop. After that, I lowered the opacity of the Danny Devito image to line it up with the Queen and to erase out the background. This was done by clicking the ‘eraser tool’. Although, if the image was a PNG file, you would not have to erase out the background. Then the image was set back to 100% opacity. Finally, we colourised the image, to match the colour of the money.

Photoshop-Creating a movie poster

Finished product of ‘Into the unknown’

Today we made a poster of our imaginary movie of which we where given three actors to use. Emma Watson, Morgan Freeman and Ryan Reynolds. We where also given the option of either horror or rom-com, I chose horror.

First of all, I imported an original photo. I did this so that the quality was not lost from the image. As most images from the internet have lost quality so that people don’t take them. I then clicked ‘file-new’ to create a new page on photoshop for me to then drag my image into.

Next, I chose a suitable title for my movie to go with my image and the horror theme. Eventually I chose the title ‘Into the unknown’ making it sound rather ominous, as my now background image represents.

Original image used for the background

I then used the ‘shape tool’ to add some depth to my title and created a large rectangle across the page. I then lowered the opacity and selected a colour. Next, I used the text box to write my title and size it appropriately, also choosing a suitable font for the poster.

Next, I gathered some images of the actors of which we had been given. Once I had selected the images that I thaught would suit, I dragged them into my desktop and from there into photoshop. Making sure they where all on different layers, I then placed the images where I thaught would be suitable, also lowering the opacity so they aren’t as prominent. After that I erased out the backgrounds using the ‘eraser tool’, leaving just the actors behind. Finally, I colourised the images allowing them to all match each other. This was done by selecting ‘Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation’, then tick the box ‘Colourise’ and choose your colour.

Finally, I then added a PNG image of a 15 rating and a 5 star rating. I chose a PNG file as you do not have to go through the process of erasing the background from the image. I placed them in a appropriate place and then, using a textbox, wrote ‘Starring Morgan Freeman, Emma Watson and Ryan Reynolds.’ Which was then placed in the corner of the poster, beside the 5 star rating.

Above is my second attempt of crating a poster for ‘into the unknown’. But for this poster, I did not use an origonal image.