Photography-Lesson 3

In this lesson; we focused on photography. However, instead of going around the campus, we used the studio. This way we could experiment with the lighting and focus more on portraits.

In the photo above; we had four people looking engrossed in their phones so that it can be used for our project ‘The Digital Drug’.

In the images below, I began to photoshop some of the images that we took the lesson before.

Redesigning a logo

Today we where able to select a logo of our choice and then, to redesign it. After a while, I finally decided to redesign the Canon logo.

For this, I chose Adobe Photoshop to create my design as I am a lot more experienced with it than I am Adobe Illustrator. With limited time, I firstly took note on what colour scheme Canon had incorporated into their original logo. Noticing that their scheme was mainly red, that meant so was the redesign, making sure I didn’t completely lose the asthetic Canon had created.

Canon logo redesign-640×640

Here is the very simple design that I was able to produce in the time that was given. I had bigger Ideas for it at the time of which I could not follow through with due to the limited time space. Although, if I had managed my time more wisely; I could have possibly made my ideas come true.

A few of my previous ideas included turning the ‘o’ in Cannon to a camera lens, to make it obvious what the brand is really about. While keeping the colour scheme the same, I still didn’t want to over complicate the logo as I believe that the simplest logos are the best as it makes it easier for people to remember.

Canon logo redesign 2-640×640

Here is my second attempt at redesigning the Canon logo. I prefer this one better as it is a lot simpler and also hasn’t changed much from the original style.

Old logo vs. New side by side

Collage Promo Set Up (mise en scene)

Today, we started designing the set for the collage promo video to be recorded on the weekend. First of all, we cleared the stage to make room for the lights, prompts and actors.

Next, we started to play around with the lighting, adding different gels to change the colour of the lighting and eventually coming up with the idea to have the actors dance in front of the lights, creating a silhouette. Also, we decided to use the gels to create a theme of the collage colours, alternating between them during the promo video.

The Digital Drug

There are many ways in which modern devices can become addictive and almost like a drug. For example, there is such thing called internet addiction, this is defined as an impulse control disorder and is also known as pathological internet use (PIU). This is where some may find it difficult to differentiate between the virtual world and reality. PIU can produce a specified number of symptoms such as mood-altering use of the internet, failure to fulfill major role obligations, guitlt, and craving.

There is also a more literal way in which the term ‘Digital Drug’ can be taken. These are called binaural beats. A binaural beat is an auditory illusion when two different pure-tone sine waves are presented to a listener dichotically. Both frequencies will be lower than 1500 Hz, and have less than 40 Hz between them. This then activates various centers in the brain, increasing mental clarity.

Binaural beats are commonly listened to amongst people who wish to increase their relaxation or mindfulness. while altering brain wire patterns, the beats create a hypnotic response almost like a ‘high’ and are said to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

However, whilst most of the time binaural beats are safe, dangers may arise if you already have outstanding health risks. The main cautions go out to those with neurological or cardiac issues. There is also a big risk of seizures. If you are epileptic or prone to seizures, using binaural beats is strongly discouraged. Children are also discouraged to using the beats as their brains are still developing. Although they may not have had any history of seizures, epilepsy can still develop slightly later in life.

When using binaural beats, you enter a relaxed, hypnotic state of mind. So remember that when carrying out important tasks, like driving, while listening to them isn’t a good idea.

Despite the skepticism in the media towards the beats, they should be perfectly safe to use providing you are a healthy, epilepsy-free individual and shouldn’t experience any side effects. They are not bad for you.

Editing- Lesson 1

This lesson, we edited a short film which we filmed last lesson. We used Adobe premier pro to gather and edit the film with mine reaching 27 seconds, making sure it isn’t too long so that it doesn’t get boring.

Firstly, I gathered all the successful filming clips and placed them into the editing program in order, then cutting out the laughing etc. Next, to make the film more dramatic; I added background music and changed the image to black and white.

Filming-Lesson 1

During this lesson we created a short film about two boys playing a game of chess. We used establishing shots (wide angle shots), mid shots and close ups to build tension, with a total of six shots all together.

Marcus-mid shot-MS
Close up-CU
Extreme close up-ECU
Juan-mid shot-MS
Close up-CU
Extreme close up-ECU
Birds eye view-BEV
Marcus-Over the shoulder-OTS

At the end of the film we used an over the shoulder shot, this was a french new wave.

Photography lesson 2

In this lesson, we went out to take some photos and to experiment with our photography.

I like this image because it shows my understanding of depth of field. I was also very lucky to have the opportunity to get this shot as I didn’t have many chances to take the picture before the bird few away.

However, I could have made sure that the robin’s eye was more in focus, giving the image more life.