Redesigning a logo

Today we where able to select a logo of our choice and then, to redesign it. After a while, I finally decided to redesign the Canon logo.

For this, I chose Adobe Photoshop to create my design as I am a lot more experienced with it than I am Adobe Illustrator. With limited time, I firstly took note on what colour scheme Canon had incorporated into their original logo. Noticing that their scheme was mainly red, that meant so was the redesign, making sure I didn’t completely lose the asthetic Canon had created.

Canon logo redesign-640×640

Here is the very simple design that I was able to produce in the time that was given. I had bigger Ideas for it at the time of which I could not follow through with due to the limited time space. Although, if I had managed my time more wisely; I could have possibly made my ideas come true.

A few of my previous ideas included turning the ‘o’ in Cannon to a camera lens, to make it obvious what the brand is really about. While keeping the colour scheme the same, I still didn’t want to over complicate the logo as I believe that the simplest logos are the best as it makes it easier for people to remember.

Canon logo redesign 2-640×640

Here is my second attempt at redesigning the Canon logo. I prefer this one better as it is a lot simpler and also hasn’t changed much from the original style.

Old logo vs. New side by side

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