Photoshop-Creating a movie poster

Finished product of ‘Into the unknown’

Today we made a poster of our imaginary movie of which we where given three actors to use. Emma Watson, Morgan Freeman and Ryan Reynolds. We where also given the option of either horror or rom-com, I chose horror.

First of all, I imported an original photo. I did this so that the quality was not lost from the image. As most images from the internet have lost quality so that people don’t take them. I then clicked ‘file-new’ to create a new page on photoshop for me to then drag my image into.

Next, I chose a suitable title for my movie to go with my image and the horror theme. Eventually I chose the title ‘Into the unknown’ making it sound rather ominous, as my now background image represents.

Original image used for the background

I then used the ‘shape tool’ to add some depth to my title and created a large rectangle across the page. I then lowered the opacity and selected a colour. Next, I used the text box to write my title and size it appropriately, also choosing a suitable font for the poster.

Next, I gathered some images of the actors of which we had been given. Once I had selected the images that I thaught would suit, I dragged them into my desktop and from there into photoshop. Making sure they where all on different layers, I then placed the images where I thaught would be suitable, also lowering the opacity so they aren’t as prominent. After that I erased out the backgrounds using the ‘eraser tool’, leaving just the actors behind. Finally, I colourised the images allowing them to all match each other. This was done by selecting ‘Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation’, then tick the box ‘Colourise’ and choose your colour.

Finally, I then added a PNG image of a 15 rating and a 5 star rating. I chose a PNG file as you do not have to go through the process of erasing the background from the image. I placed them in a appropriate place and then, using a textbox, wrote ‘Starring Morgan Freeman, Emma Watson and Ryan Reynolds.’ Which was then placed in the corner of the poster, beside the 5 star rating.

Above is my second attempt of crating a poster for ‘into the unknown’. But for this poster, I did not use an origonal image.

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