Camera Settings: aperture

There are many complicated settings and confusing buttons on a camera that may take a while for you to learn so that you are able to use the camera to its fullest potential. First of all there’s aperture; this is a reference seen in zoom lenses and are commonly referred to as f-stops. F-stops and have a specific numerical sequence, such as F5.6, F7.1, F8, F11 and so forth. It corresponds to the largest aperture ratio possible at the smallest and largest focal values of the lense.

I find that if I am capturing something and want to separate the subject from the background; it works well to set the aperture at what we call a ‘shallow DOF.’ This is usually about F4.5-F5.6 and is good for portraits. But if I want the whole image to be in focus, I usually go for an aperture of about F7.1 (great DOF). This is good for landscapes.

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